July is National Ice Cream Month ! Enjoy your Ice Cream and cool off all July !

July 10, 2013

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July is National Ice Cream month. Ice cream is the best.  it can help cool you off during these hot day of summer. It is sweet treat . Ice Cream in a waffle cone is the best to me.  or you can have your ice cream in a cup or bowl and you can have cookies with your ice cream and  topping like candy chocolate . well no matter how you like yor ice Cream enjoy all summer !  – Phillip from Galt 

Oreo Coffee Waffle Cone Ice CreamOreo cookies and cream Ice Cream Waffle cone    my favorite flavor and ice cream                   

Ice cream 1

Ice Cream Cone

Hulk Hogan Ice Cream Bar

WWE / WWF Ice Cream bar . they don’t sell these no  more but I used to get these all the time from my friendly local neighborhood Ice Cream man in the Ice Cream truck. It was a cookie and it had a wrestling picture of a wrestler like the one above with Hulk  Hogan and it came with a  wrestling trading card . I miss these Ice Cream bars  . I wish WWE would bring them back   – Phillip from Galt !

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