Happy 4th of July ! Enjoy your 4th of July Celebration. God bless America

July 3, 2013

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Happy 4th of July, America. 4th of July is such a great day. We as Americans live in the best Country in the world. We enjoy and are blessed with a lot of freedom! We have freedom of speech to voice our opinions and speak against something or we can go for something we want. We can protest or agree with something. We have freedom of religion and to believe in God and go to church and practice any religion we want. We are free to go where we want and work where we want. We have so much opportunity. We can vote for who we want and tell the government we are not happy with them if we want. We can challenge decisions. 4th of July is American’s birthday and all American’s birthday! We can stand up for something we believe in and talk about our opinions. We have to be responsible and respectful with our freedom. Men, women, children, young people, old people we can do what we choose, go to school where we want, work where we want. We have freedom to dress how we want .choose who we marry and who we have a relationship with. You can be a President, a Cop, Priest, Radio DJ, Astronaut, Pro Wrestler / Pro athlete. The possibilities are endless we have to try our best with the opportunities and freedom given to us. So I want to tell everybody have a good 4th of July celebration, celebrate safe in your travels, near and far. Don’t drink and drive! Enjoy your family and friends and BBQ and whatever you choose to do enjoy the fireworks shows and parades and parties. God bless everyone and God bless our county. God bless America!

Here are some more special things about America and the 4th of July.

Freedom is Not Free! I want to recognize the US Military around the world. The Troops that are here home and that is deployed around the world, thank you to all the Armed Service men and Women past and present. These brave Men and women have sacrificed so much some have even paid the ultimate price while in combat and defending our freedom again terrorists and other threats we have the paid the price with the life. We thank all troops and remember the always. May God bless you and your families.
US Military

Here is somebody pictured enjoying freedom and being outside and doing something he enjoys, he is glad to be free.
freedom 1

We have a Voice and can speak up and and we can agree or disagree with something. We can complain and about something wrong. We can stand up for our beliefs and talk about and share our opinions. We have a great powerful freedom with our freedom of speech!

free speech 1  free speech 2

Enjoy your BBQ’s and Cookouts with your friend’s family and neighbors. Enjoy each other’s company and have a great 4th of July Celebration! enjoy the fireworks shows !

4th of July BBQ july 4 fireworks 2

4th of july 1

 I am a big WWE Wrestling fan and here are two of my favorite  Wrestlers . they are proud to be American .  They carry and wave the American flag proudly .  Sgt. Slaughter is a former Marine and is a real American Hero and Hacksaw Jim Duggan always carried the flag to the ring when he was wreslting and played by the rules he didn’t cheat in the matches and was a successful WWE Wreslter he was King of the WWE/ WWF !  and Sgt. Slaughter Was  a WWE/ WWF champion. they are nice to the fans and fight off the bad guys and cheaters in WWE and in Wrestling . Sgt. Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan 2 American  Wrestling heros !

Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Sgt  Slaughter

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