Vote for Oakland A's Josh Reddick outfielder for the Oakland A's in the #BeardOFF with WWE's Daniel Bryan

June 26, 2013

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so I am a big WWE Wrestling fan and big sports fan and  Oakland A’s fan. Daniel Bryan from the WWE former  WWE World heavyweight champion and  tag team champion with Kane and Oakland A’s outfielder a gold Glover are in a #BeardOFF.  A beard off is to see who has the longest and the best looking beard. ! the two athletes will grow their  beard for the entire year of 2013 and who ever has the coolest and longest beard will be the winner.  and it will be voted on by fans of The WWE and of baseball . It is currently up  on  at this link .  . check it out.  the looser of the beard off  has to shave their beard off . I think the two star should also make it where the winner will win money to donate to his favorite chairity !   so have fun  WWE and baseball and A’s fans the 2013 beard off is here .  ! 

Daniel Bryan WWE champ make a wish

WWE Daniel Bryan making a wish with make a wish foundation  WWE tag team champion ! Bryan has a long beard

Daniel Bryan WWE tag team campion

Daniel Bryan WWE  tag team champion

Josh Reddick oakland As

Josh Reddick with the A’s  trimmed his beard.  is a big WWE fan

Josh Reddick Oakland As with the WWE belt

Josh Reddick a big WWE fan ! with the WWE championship in the beard Off with Daniel Bryan

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