Celebrities to be honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of fame . Katy Perry and 2 Pac among the celebrities to be honored with a star

June 26, 2013

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so the Hollywood walk of fame announced those celebrities that will be honored with  a Star !  A star means you have made the best movies, music , television shows and have excelled in your filed of entertainment. to get a star you have to have been a professional in your field  and you have to had at least 5 years of contribution to your entertainment field.  and chairitable donations and giving back  can be considered to for getting a star .radio personailities can get a star, tv stars and personaliites can get a star, athletes can get a star actors and actresses can get a star and recording artists can get a star too !  2 stars for the music world will be honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.   Katy Perry will be gettin a star she has had a lot of hits like teen age dream, California girls ft. Snoop Dogg,  T.G. I. F  and those are some of her hits.  She has also  had a movie made after herself  . It chronicled her life on the road and concerts and much much more !  Congratulations Katy Perry on your star !

the seconcd person being honored with a star is the late 2 Pac .  2 Pac considered by a lot of people and fans as the one of the best mc’s ever . 2 Pac was creative in his music an sang about thing he experienced. 2 Pac has had  great hits  like California Love, Dear Momma ,  and 2 of Americaz most wanted.  and more hits. 2 PAc had to over come a lot of negative things and made music something positive in his life.  2 Pac was gunned down in 1996 .  but his music continues to live on !Congratualtions to the late to  and alll his family friends and fans !

Katy Perry

Congratulations Katy Perry for the Hollywood walk of fame Star

Congratulations to 2 Pac the late 2 Pac getting a Hollywood walk of fame star congratulations to his family friends and fans


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