basketball great and NBA ChampionShaq to mentor Sacramento Kings DeMarcus Cousins

June 26, 2013

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So Shaquille O’Neal  met with new Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive.   Shaq told  Vivek  he will mentor  Sacramento Kings Center  – Sacramento Kings Big Man DeMarcus Cousins.  Cousins who has potential and showed flashes of greatess but not consistantly. So having Shaq ,one of the best Centers and big man work with DeMarcus is gonna be huge.  Shaq  a very big  body can show  DeMarcus how to use his size and strength as an advantage.  Shaq can teach  him what is like to be a pro and give him tips of how t apply himself and work at skills. Shaq knows what it takes to win and how to have longivity in the NBA.  So I hope DeMarcus take advantage of this  opportunity to work and learn from Shaq . Shaq it will be good to see you in Sacramento.  We enjoyed watching your career and all your highlights and your amazing play !  This is also a big deal because of course when Shaq was a LA Laker , the  Sacramento Kings and Lakers used to meet often and feud in the Western Coference finals and Shaq was the Sacramento Kings big problem and rival !   I am a big Shaq fan so this is cool news – Phillip from Galt

Vivek and Shaq

Vivek Ranadive and Shaq meeting discussing how Shaq can help the Sacramento Kings and Big Man DeMarcus Cousins

Shaq Miami Heat

Shaquille O’Neal  NBA Center former LA .Laker great  Orlando Magic, and Miami Heat player NBA champion and MVP

wants to help Sacramento Big Man DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings Center

Sacramento King big Man , Center DeMarcus Cousins 

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