WWE Raw Coming to Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Arena Monday August 12, 2103 live WWE Monday Night Raw on TV !

June 19, 2013

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WWE Raw is coming get ready for all the hard hitting action !! body slams , the pretty WWE  Divas who are great in the ring and can dish it out !  All your favorite WWE superstars, championship matches, clothes lines , hitting  people in the head with the chair (wwe wrestling superstars only !) all this and more. John Cena WWE champion will be in the house delivering the Attitude adjutment to his opponett  and You can’t see me !  Kane will be there to choke slam somebody to  hell ! Dolp Ziggler with steal the show ! former World heavyweight champion and much much more  and Triple H might pedigree somebody and he is the boss the COO so what he says goes ! Plus this WWE Raw is the last one before  WWE SummerSlam  and all live here from Sacramento,CA  sleep train arena. Be there or be square !  – Phillip from Galt

 John Cena WWE Champion2013

John Cena the  WWE champion  will be at Raw in Sacramento

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler will be stealing the show in Sacramento at WWE Raw

Kane WWE intercontenital champion

Kane WWE  Intercontenintal champion from back in the  day Will be in Sacramento giving some one a choke slam ! WWE Monday night Raw

Kane WWE tag team champion 1

Kane with the WWE Tag team championship one of my favorite wrestlers

WWE Kaitlyn

WWE Diva Kaitlyn  when she was  WWE Divas Champion she is pretty and cute and can kick butt in the ring . she will be in Sacramento  for  RAw

WWE Triple H COO

WWE COO I hope he will Pedigree  someone and Wrestle right here in Sacramento California when RAw come Auguest 12, 2013 . Triple H is the boss and he is in charge. what he says goes  !

Phillip from Galt 

Lets get ready WWE Universe ! WWE Monday nigth Raw !

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