Paula Abdul Happy Birthday June 19

June 19, 2013

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so I have a big Celebrity Crush. I love all her songs and it’s Paula Abdul. Paula has the best song  Stright Up, Foerver your girl. , Cold Hearted, Oppisites Attrackt some of my favorite Paula songs, she  has the best dance and she was former La Lakers girl. She is so nice and she is pretty  and cute and fun personality. I want to meet Paula so bad  and see her perform all her hit songs and to be friends with her.and interview Paula for radio too. I hope I get to see her and meet her. Until then , I sange her a happy Birthday message. Paula I love you and hope you see this message.  I am gonna tweet Paula my link to my blog so she can see it and wish her Happy Birthday on twitter. happy Birthday to the pretty the lovely talented  Paula Abdul – Phillip from Galt

Paula Abdul birthday shout out by Phillipfromgalt

Paula Abdul American Idol

Paula Abdul when she was with American Idol Happy Birthday  to you Paula you are cute and pretty and you’ve got it. you are my favorite celebrity and you have the best songs and you are nice and I like you  from Phillip from Galt

 happy Birthday Paula I wish you a great year !

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse disney and donald Duck

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