Major League baseball All Star game 2013 from New York ! did you Vote ?

June 19, 2013

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so it’s the dog days of summer . and one thing that is fun is going to baseball games in Summer.  and during summer in major league baseball its the All star game . it will be July 16. The Game will be held in New York home of the mets ! The All star game is for home field advantage in the World Series which is cool because somebody  that you are playing with on the All star team ,you’re helping them out if the get to the  World Series. !    I am votinging the world series. one of the palyers I am voting for is Oakland A’s outfielder  CoCo Crisp. CoCo has some homeruns on the season he knocks in hits and score in runs. in the outfield CoCo makes great catches ! I think the American needs some Oakland A’s on the team they are having a great year.  I think the American league  All Stars need some Bernie  Lean.  Go Vote for Major league all star game. google search MLB All Star Voting 2013.   it’s fun to see when the players you voted for get selected to the All Star team !  – Phillip from Galt

MLB all star game

Major league baseball All Star game 2013 New York

Oakland As Coco Crisp bernie lean

Coco Crisp of the Oakland A’s doing his celebration the Bernie Lean

CoCo Cris Oakland As fro

CoCo Cris Oakland A’s outfielder having a great season. I am voting for him to get in the All Star game  2013  !

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