Tim Tebow signing with the New England Patriots.

June 12, 2013

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so  Tim Tebow found a new team and signed with the New England Patriots. When Tim Tebow was cut from the New Yorks  Jets after the Jets drafted Gino Smith , many doubted if he would be playing in the NFL  again .  Eralier this week he was signed by the New England PAtriots. You never know. This signing could be great. Tom Brady will not be around forever.  and Tim Tebow can learn from Tom Brady and Coach Bill Bilichick and can wait  and get comfortable and one day he might be starting and winning games in New England. Tim Tebow is positive influence in the locker-room  .  he is a devout Christian and very respectful and maybe in the mean time the Patriots can use him in certain packages and certain situattions and  he can continue his NFL career with  some guys that know how to win . – Phillip from Galt

Tim Tebow and Tom Brady

Tim Tebow  #15 and Tom Brady – now  team-mates with  the New England Patriots

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