Kane is one of WWE's best Wrestlers

June 12, 2013

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Kane is one of WWE best Wrestlers. he has been in the WWE for along time one of the vetrans of WWE . he has wrestled as Dr. Issac Yankem DDS , Jerry the king lawler’s dentist. after kevin Nash went to WCW wrestling he was the fake Diesel character. and when he debuted as Kane that is the best. He is the big red monster because he wears his red mask and his wrestling attire is red. kane is the storyline brother of the Undertaker. he used the choke slam move and when he hits a choke slam its one of the best in Wrestling so kane choke slams people to hell . Kane has won lots of championships . he has won the tag team championships with a lot of partners and is the strength of his team . Kane is a big man one of the best big man , he can fly from the top rope too. he is very agile for his size nearly 7 feet tall over 300 lbs. Kane has been tag team champions with his wrestling brother the Undertaker, with X Pac , with the big show , and most recently with Daniel Bryan- team Hell No. Kane has won the WWE and world heavyweight championships. he has battled and beat some of the best Wrestler, including Triple h, the Rock, Undertaker, Mankind – Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels and many more. Kane is one of the best with his power and strength and he has been competing in WWE at a high level and has been one of the best for a while. He doesn’t backdown from anybody and will Wrestled anybody that gets in his way. this Sunday at WWE PPV June 16, 2013 the New pay per view called Payback kane is going to wrestle Dean Ambrose of the Shield – the Shield people group, Dean Ambrose is the current united States champion if kane defeats Dean Ambrose he will be one of few that has one all of the current belts in WWE , the intercontenintal championshiop , the World heavyweight championship and the WWE championship and the tag team championship . Kane is the man in WWE is gonna be a WWE hall of famer the big Red Monster still dominant and beating people down and choke slamming wrestlers to hell !

dean Ambrose United States championship vs Kane WWE Pay back PPV

Dean Ambroes United States champion vs  Kane this Sunday June 16, 2013  for the United States championship

At WWE ‘s new Pay Per view  Payback

Kane and Daniel Bryan WWE tag team championships 

Kane 1 half of the WWE tag team champions  Team Hell No !   Kane and Daniel Bryan

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