Chad Johnson aka Chad OchoCinco, former NFL wide reciever going to jail for 30 days !! See you in 30 !

June 12, 2013

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Chad Johsnon aka Chad  OchoCinco was in Court the other day for violating terms of his parole. Chad Johnson and his attorney came up with a plea deal  for no  jail time .  the judge then asks him  are you happy with your attorney ? and Chad Johnson reponded yes mam then slapped his male attorney on the butt ! the Judge then went off she said do you find the amusing  or funny and said she doesn’t find anything funny and sentenced Chad Johnson to 30 days in jail . Chad later tweeted one last tweet before going to jail and he siad see you in  30 !!     See you in 30  day Chad I guess.  Stay out of trouble Chad OchoCinco after you get out of jail !!  – Phillip from Galt

Chad Johnson going to jail June 2013

Chad Johnson being sent to jail  after patting his lawyer on the butt in court !

Chad Johnson aka Chad OchoCinco

Chad  Johnson former NFL wide reciever . Chad OchoCinco seen here with his time with the Miami

dolphins a former New England Patriot and Cinncinatti Bengal

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