Shaq- Shaquille O'Neal launching New Soda. Stay tuned check you local stores soon

May 29, 2013

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I am a big Shaq fan. Ever since he was in Orlando tearing down the back-boards and basketball hoops !!  Shaq was apart of the Lakers and won championship with the LA Lakers. Shaq in  my opinion had the best slam dunks because he used slam dunk and you better get out of his way because he is a big man with a lot of power and strength. So the former basketball great and NBA champion and  current NBA TNT commentator is launching a Soad. It will be Called Shaq Soda !  It has a nice ring to it. some of the flavors are orange strawberry  . The soda is a cream soad. supposably the soda is all Natural. so I guess check your local stores soon and ask when they Will get Shaq Soda !!   – Phillip from Galt 

Shaq soda pic 1 

Shaq Soda  Cans

Shaq la Lakers pic 1

Shaq during his days with the LA Lakers

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