Justin Bieber his driving is Crazy. Justin Bieber you need to Chill Yo !!

May 29, 2013

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So  Justin Bieber is not making a lot of friends these days.  especially former  NFL  players. Justin Bieber who live in Calabasas , Ca has been seen in his  ferrari supposably speeding  up to high -way speeds in residential areas where people live.  Justin Bieber that is not cool !!   you need to Chill Yo~! Driving is a big responsiblity  !  Justin Bieber needs to slow down he could wind up hurting himself or more importantly he could hurt someone esle.   former  NFL  great  and Super Bowl Champion with  the Tampa Bay Buccaneers  and former  NFL wide reciever with Dallas Cowboys and Jets to name  a few  Keyshawn  Johnson saw Justin Bieber who was speeding at a high speed blew by the former NFL stars house and  Keyshawn had his young child with him.  Apparently upset which is understandable   , by Justin Bieber’s erratic driving Keyshawn Johnson followed Justin Bieber and chased him down in his  prius and chased Bieber to his home to confront him about his crazy driving .! which is good so Justin Bieber doesn’t have an accident like I said and doesn’t get himself or someone else injured .  Good Job Keyshawn get Justin Bieber in line!  Apprently  Johnson isn’t the only person and neighbor that has seen Bieber going high speeds another former ex NFL great running back  Eric Dickerson took to twitter and said he is from Calabasas too and tweeted out the following message   “Justin Bieber needs to slow his ass down !  So  Justin Bieber you better drive more responsible the cops could get you in trouble and your neighbors don’t like it either and they will report you !  Justin Bieber, Chill Yo !!   -   or like the Guys on ESPN say Com’ on  Man !  and Keyshawn Johsnon says that on ESPN when he is a commentator   – Phillip from Galt 

Keyshawn Johsnon pic 2

EX NFL Star Keyshawn Johsnon Super Bowl champion with the tampa  Bay Buccaneers seen here with Carolina Panther not happy with  Jutsin Bieber driving habbits!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber  Slow Down your driving …….. Son !!

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