Hulk Hogan radiator accident. feel better soon Hulk Hogan

May 29, 2013

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so WWE / TNA  Wrestling legend and Wrestling champion Hulk Hogan had a mis-hap recently.  Hulk Hogan was  fixing a car and was taking out a radiator when it exploded in his hand.  It required him to go to the hospital to get it treated.  later the Hulkster tweeted his blistered up hands  the pics were gruesome, Hulk posted pics and it read Ouch  1  Ouch 2 .  later he apologized if the picture were to graphic.  Hulk Hogan I hope you be careful and that you feel better soon. I hope Hulk Hogan makes it to TNA Impact this week . I am a big Hulk Hogan and Wrestling fan and I am a Hulkamaniac  !  – Phillip from Galt

hulk hogan burns hands radiator hospital

Hulk Hogan’s blistered up hand after his radiator exploded and he tweeted out pics of the accident

Hulk Hogan pic poster champion

Wrestling legend the champion Hulk Hogan

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