Beyonce spanked on the booty during her concert !!! What !!! Keep your hands to yourself !

May 29, 2013

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So Beyonce was performing  on May 26 2013  in Denmark . She was in the middle of singing her hit son “Irreplaceable”  and she was performing on a second stage away from the main stage to give the fans a closer look and more intimate performance and she was passing the mic to the fans to let them sing on the mic.  that’s when a fan from the audience apparently  reached and smakced  Beyonce on the booty.!! Now I bet a lot of guys would like to smack Beyonce or any cute girl they see on their rear end, it’s not right. Beyonce said I will have you thrown out /escorted out immidiately. which she should have done.  but it is not clear wether the fan was allowed to stay or not.   Well I just wanted to say it’s a good idea to keep your hand to yourself. that way you don’t get in trouble !   – Phillip from Galt

Video of Beyonce getting spanked on the rear end  “booty”

Beyonce 2

The beautiful Beyonce  performing

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