WWE / WWF Wrestler Great passed away May 23, 1999 . 14 years ago . Rest In Peace Owen . Not forgotten by his Wrestling fans

May 22, 2013

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Owen Hart passed away May 23, 1999 at WWE at that time WWF pay Per View called  Over the Edge.   Owen was  wresting as the Blue Blazer a super – hero that wore blue and was masked but we knew it was Owen Hart. Blue Blazer was a high flying wrestler and Jumped off the top rope and would do lots of wrestling moves tha required lot of agility speed and quickness.   Owen Hart was set to make a grand entrance and come down from the rafter of the Kemper arena in Kansas City, Mo. where the Wrestling event was taking place at.  he had a harness but it malfunctioned and Owen fell to his death hitting a padded turnbuckle in  his chest and was pronounced dead later at a near by hospital.

Owen was a great Wrestler he had great talent he did the sharp shooter wrestling move like his brother Bret The hitman Hart.  The sharp shooter is where an opponett is on his back and you twist  the wrestlers leg  and turn them on there belly and sit back and apply the pressure it is a submission move. Owen won the Tag team championship with Yokozuna and Yokozuna was the Power and the heavy for the team and Owen was the quickness of the team and has great arsenal of moves he could perform. a high flying Wreslter uses the ring ropes and ring posts as aids to fly in to their wrestling opponett and these moves are called high risk moves. they are exciting to watch because you never know what you will see. Owen also won the king of the ring tournament. wrestling several matches in a night to be crowned King of the ring.  Owen made a name for his self. Many of his Wrestling friends / fellow Wrestlers remember Owen as a  “ribber”  this is also know as “ribbing “   Where you play practical jokes on fellow Wreslters.  he used to call and prank call Wrestlers hotel rooms  and they would get fooled. he used to hide some of the Wreslters gear. 

WWE and wrestling is entertaining and fun but this was a sad day and was not fun. Owen is Gone buit not Forgotten. I hope he makes the  WWE Hall of fame  he was and entertaining Wrestler to watch ,and won championships and was successful in Wrestling during his  Career  God bless Owen Hart RIP .   – Phillip from Galt   .

Owen Hart’s last interview as the Blue Blazer right before he died.  you can tell he really enjoyed being a Wrestler in this interview really good personality it shows in thei video

Owen Hart King of harts

Owen Hart the king of  Harts  !  Slammy award winning Owen Hart and tag team champion Owen Hart

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