Charles Woodson, NFL . I would add him to my team !!

May 15, 2013

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So I was sitting here thinking of football and mini camps are happening right now and  rookies camps are happeing right now too .  I was thinking of a free agent. Charles Woodson. Woodson a 14 year NFL vet, who has  played in Oakland , and in Green bay. Woodson played in Oakland and was a  shut down corner and made interceptions and  , nobody hardly threw to his side.  in Green bay he helped the Green Bay Packers get to and win the Super Bowl.  He has 11 careers touchdowns as a  Defensive back after intercepting passes he took to the end zone. Charles Woodson is a play make can make tackles and interceptions , I think he would make a  great addition to any team that signed him !  he has met with the 49ers this off-seasn  and he will meet with the Broncos soon .  Charles Woodson will add depth to an defensive-back field and leader-ship on and off the field.   Well we will see in time who adds Charles Woodson who is 36 and  can most definitely still play football and can make big plays and can add strength to a team  -  Phillip from Galt

Charles Woodson NFL

Charles Woodson with the Green  Bay Packers !  

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