Wayback Wednesday Wrestling WCW Wrestling Sting and Robo Cop

May 8, 2013

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so  in honor of old school and my Wednesday blog  Wayback Wednesday check this video out. This is Sting  in his WCW day Sting is a WCW World heavyweight champion he took on some of the best wrestlers and he is one of the best wrestlers, he appreciates the fans and has always been a fan favorite and he is nice to the fans and he has his scorpion death lock similar to the sharp shooter and Sting can wrestle with the best of the  because he is one of the  best.  this Video is from when the movie Robo cop was coming out ! and Sting was in trouble getting attacked but somebody had his back and that somebody is  Robo Cop.   Happy Wayback Wedensday – Phillip from Galt !

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