Happy Mothers day Mom from Phillip from Galt. Mother's day this Sunday May 12, 2013

May 8, 2013

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Happy Mothers day to my mom. I love my mom so much she goes through a lot and still keeps on going  and she is one of the strongest people I know.mom thank you all ypur help and all you do I appreciate you.  Mom you are the best . thank you for your love and you are special to me. I look up to you mom you are such  a good person and you help me out and I want to be a good son and help you and thank you for helping me when I am struggling or when I’m sad and for being my mom and being there for me.  God made mothers sepcial  they take care of us and give birth to us.  they sacrafice for us and  make sure we are taken care of so please everyone tell your mom you love them hug them and spend time  with your mom do what your moms say. its all about the mommas out there. I love you momma from  your son Phillip from Galt

mom Ava and me in front of Governors office February 27 2011 Sunday

my mom and I and my neice at the State Capital in Sacramento  . Happy Mothers day I love you mom