May is national bike Month . Ride your bike !!

May 1, 2013

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Hey today is May 1, 2013 .  may is national bike month .  What that means is we are all encouraged to ride our bikes where ever we go.   If you live like 1 to 2 miles away from your work hop on your bike and take a nice bike ride.  when you ride your bike  it saves gas money $$  also  you might see and notice a lot  of scenery that you normally wouldn’t when you drive in your car.  Also you can ride your bike to the store if you are not getting a whole car load of  groceries. you can ride your bike around town to do errands . riding you bike is good excecise and its fun enjoying the weather, its pretty quick to get to places when you ride your  bike.  if you are a student ride your bike to  class and shcool .   you can ride your bike to a family members house if they live in town.  So I encourage  everybody to ride your bike during this month its fun and good excerise go on a ride by your self or with your friends / family or boy friend/ girl friend  /wife or husband !!   

here is some safety tips to remember when you ride your bike.

ride  bikes on the side of the raod if you are over the age of 12  its a side walk for pedistrians on foot not for a bike

wear colors bright  orange  , yellow  , ect

if you have a helmet wear it

a bike horn can be safe, you can war other bicyclists and drivers /motorists sometimes that you are coming !

if you are riding at night use a bike light on the front of your bike and back of your bike if possible

be safe and happy riding ,!!  from Phillip from Galt

below  a picture of me Phillip from Galt and my friend Cora Stewart aka Roxy former morning show co host wiht JayMarzz and I .  we are supporting bike month and encourage everybody to ride you bike this month and  to be safe  . enjoy your bikes everyobody !

me Phillip from Galt and Cora Hot 1035 at Sacramento City hall earth day celebration april 2013

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