Floyd Money Mayweather boxing this Saturday May 4, 2013

May 1, 2013

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Floyd “Money ” Mayweather fighting this Saturday ! Mayweather will be boxing Robert Guerrero this Saturday May 4.  I like to watch Mayweather fight. he is such a show-man !  he put on a good show from his entrance to the ring for his fighting inside the boxing ring . Mayweather is a tough boxer and he is Physical  and  can box with the best of them . I think Floyd is a great boxer .   I think he will put on a great effort to win .  I think it will a can’t miss fight ! enjoy Bxing this weeked.

I am also wondering  who will accompany Floyd Mayweather to  the ring. apparently 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have had a following out. 50 Cent has   been seen accompanying Mayweather to the ring and he raps on his way to the ring !   Floyd Also came to the  ring with 50 Cent, Triple H WWE champion and  COO  of the  WWE and pop singer / pop star  Justin Beiber !

Mayweather who has a good relatioship with  the WWE , he has Wrestled the Big show at wrestleMania one of the biggest events in WWE history. Mayweather boxed the 7 foot over 500 lbs. Giant and he won with the help of brass knuckles and knocked big show out with his mean puch and brass knucles.

I think Santino Marella who is former Intercontinental champion and  tag team champion and United States champion should come to the ring with Mayweather when he boxes !!   Maybe Santino can bring the Cobra with him !! we will have to watch the fight on PPV  this Saturday May 4, 2013  to see what happends , maybe a KO !!  Enjoy the boxing action !  from Phillip from Galt

floyd mayweather jr

Floyd Money Mayweather boxing May 4, 2013

Santino Marrella WWE United States Champion Cobra

Santino Marella WWE Superstar and Wrestler Former United States champion with his Cobra , I think he should accompany Floyd “Money ” Mayweather to the ring this Saturday May 4, 2013 for his  boxing match !! 

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