WWE Championship Turning 50

April 24, 2013

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so WWE Wrestling fans.  The WWE Championship is Turning  50  years old. I am a big WWE fan and want to talk about a few of my favorite  WWE Champions of all

1. Hulk Hogan one of the greatest of all time. Hulk Hogan beat some of the all time best and tough challenges to be the WWE champion. He beat such wrestlers and stars as Andre the Giant . King Kong Bunddy .  Undertaker, Macho Man Randy Savage.  Hulk has been running Wild since the 80’s  and Hulkamania has been running wild ever since !!  Hulk Hogan once defeated Sgt. Slaughter when Sgt. Slaughter was an Iraqi supporter and Hulk Hogan Wrestled and beat Sgt . Slaughter for the  belt and  dfended America’s honor in the process !  Hulk is one of the best champions of all time

Hulk Hogan WWF WWE Champion

2. John Cena John Cena has been aorund WWE for more than 10 years. he has take on some of the best.  CM Punk, the Undertaker, Triple H,  Shawn Michaels Brock Lesnar the Big Show  . John Cena does not quit he doesn’t give up.  He  also gives  back and Grants wishes for  Make a Wish  foundation  which grants wishes to terminally ill children. John Cena is  a fighting champio he does not back down from a fight and tries to do the right thing. John Cena is one of my favorite all time WWE wrestlers and champions !

WWE champion John Cena 2013

3. The Undertaker. Undertaker has been around  for more than 2 decades in the WWE. he has a undefeated streak of 21- 0 at WrestleMania. he beat some of the best of all time and he is one of the best of all times   . He has beat Triple H,  big Show, Shawn Michaels, Stone  Cold Steve Austin ,  The Rock,  Undertaker is one of the most all time intiminating  WWE Superstars of all time . his presence alone  is resepect. Undertaker stands up to  the trouble-makes of the WWE and  makes them rest in peace. Undertaker is the dead man and  one of the Imortals and legends of Wrestling  !


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