April Is Autism Awareness month

April 24, 2013

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April  is Autism awareness month.  Autism is a develomental disability . where some parts of the mind are mentally delayed .   both children and adults have autism. Autism is a daily struggle.  I have autism and . sometimes its hard to focus, communicate with other people and express your self   . people might not understand what the person with Autism mean by something.   social gatherings are hard sometimes. People with Autism are trying to  fit in  and be apart of the community and  have jobs  and  friends and a place to belong.  we want to be respected and understood and have opportunity like anyone else.

well if you know anyone with Autism reach out to them and talk to them  and listen to them we all want to be listened  too and respected and accepted for who we are.

from Phillip from Galt

aut awareness month

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