The Coolest People to Follow on Twitter

April 17, 2013

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Yeah so I am on Twitter   .  I love twitter ! and tweeting and following my friends and family and  sports athletes  and my favorite celebrities .   if you are on twitter  these are the top Coolest people you should follow on  twitter, they are nice they  write back to you and they are fun to talk to and tweet with and to follow on twitter to see what kind of information they can pass along to you on twitter  or to see what they have going on intresting.  you can keep up to date on events  , happenings and  on twitter if you follow these people they are fun and intresting and they are fun to follow .

twiiter logo 1

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1.   Latin Diva Pattie Moreno. Pattie is the Hot 103.5  Program director she is awesome , she is so nice and  positive, she is fun to follow keep up with all what hot 1035 is doing and all the cool radio news. she is a great person nice person and fun to follow

Pattie can  be followed on twitter  @LatinDiva1035

Pattie with Randy Jackson from American Idol

Pattie and Randy Jackson american idol

2. JayMarzz is fun to follow he is the afternoon host Hot 1035 Sacramento 3pm – 7pm  and he is a big Sacramento kings fan and sports fan, he tweets about kings and sports and radio and more he always tweets back his  friends  and he is fun to follow you can follow JayMarzz at   @Jaymarzz    

jaymarzz hot 1035

3. Short E  he is the morning show host of Hot 1035  6am – 10 am Monday – Friday. Short E tweets about music he is a big 49ers  and San Francisco Giants fan.  he tweets about 49ers and San Francisco  Giants.  he tweets about radio and his show and music  too be sure to follow short e  @Short103

short e pic 1

4.Pope Francis.  Pope Francis tweets out messages about God and Jesus and tweets us message that  help us to follow God  .  the Pope wants to reach out to people on social media so they can love and believe in God and he knows a lot of people are on twitter .  Pope Francis also tweets prayers and inspirational bible versus

follow the Pope  @ Pontifex    his page is check verified  .


5. Hulk hogan the former WWF  champion one of the all time great wrestlers is on twitter  , he Wrestled in WCW and beat stars like Andre The Giant, Undertaker, King Kong bunddy, Million dollar Man Ted dibiase  , he won the Championship in WWF and WCW   hulk hogan is now the General manager in TNA Impact Wrestling , find out about TNA and what Wrestling News hulk Hogan is   tweeting about

follow hulk hogan  @HulkHogan  his page is check verified

Hulk hogan

6. Triple H , he is the WWE champion one of Wrestling’s greats.  he has wrestled Hulk Hogan, Undertaker , the Rock  and won championships  he is Married to Stephanie McMahon  , Vince McMahon’s daughter Vince McMahon one of the most successful Wrestling promoters and promotes of all.  Triple h is one of the bosses at WWE  he is the COO chief Opperations Officer.   check out Triple H’s tweets about WWE  about Raw Smackdown behind the scense of WWE and more follow triple H at   @TripleH

triple h

7. Paula Abdul  , Paula Abdul has been a great singer she  was a Lakers  girl in the NBA she was on top shows like American Idol and X – Factor she is nice and Pretty and its fun to keep up with her to see if she will have any appearance. she is cute and pretty and I’ve been a fan of her .    follow Paula Abdul  @PaulaAbdul

Paula Abdul

8 .  Jim kozimor, Jim Kozimor former  Sacramento Kings announcer and he had his own sports talk radio show in Sacramento, CA   on Sports 1140 .   He is now on tv on CSN Comcast sportsnet !  He regularly hosts  Chronicle Live a sports talk show on CSN Bay Area  check your local listings and search CSN bay area on the  web. koz tweets out messages about sports, guests he is having on CSN Chronicle Live and much more Jim Kozimor one of the best sportscaster  follow Koz  @CSNKoz

Jim Kozimor

9. Josh Reddick is one of my favorite baseball players he is in the major leagues he plays outfield for the American League West 2012 Champion Oakland A’s, Josh Reddick produces on the field with his bat and in the outfield with his glove , he is a gold glover.  He likes the WWE Wreslting and he and Daniel Bryan from WWE  are in a beard off seeing who can grow the longest and best beard. see  Josh Reddicks tweets about  baseball what he is up to on road game, baseball and the Oakland A’s and ever WWE Wreslting   check out  Josh reddick  on twitter  @joshreddick16

Josh reddick Oakland as

10. follow me Phillip from Galt, I am a nice guy and nice friend I love to tweet and get tweets back from my friends  I  like sports 49ers, Raiders  A’s   WWE Wrestling radio check out those tweets, what I am up too  check me out @PhillipfromGalt   I am not check verified

Phillip from Galt and bubba Paris Stockton Asparagas festival

Well that’s the coolest people I think you should follow on twitter. if you are on twitter I hope you get tweets back and good tweets and good news and  people are nice to you on twitter and  that if you are following your favorite celebrities that they will tweet you back and follow you back and if you are on twitter  #Happy _Tweeting    – from Phillip from Galt

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