Pat Summerall one of sports all time greatest dies at 82 year old April 16, 2013

April 17, 2013

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Pat Summerall one of sports all time greatest personalities passed away at 82 years old . Pat Summeral played in the NFL as a kicker. he played for the Cardinals and The New York football Giants.  Pat Summerall made great kicks as a kicker and was among one of the best players in his playing days !  he made some of the longest kicks when he was a kicker .  After his playing career Pat Summerall went in to broadcasting.  as a broadcaster he and John Madden  teamed up to  be one of the all time greatest broadcasting teams .   John Madden would often go off and get off track telling stories of his days and Pat Summerall would balance  John Madden out and get him back on track one of the best play by play  announcers and broadcaster.  Pat Summerall and  John Madden worked together broadcasting NFL games on  CBS and then on Fox, they would often announce some of the best games, big match ups and big Playoffs and even Super Bowls.    Pat Summerall worked 16 Super Bowls on television. he will always be remembered for his great announcing for explaining what happend on the football plays he was announcing so that everyone at home could enjoy and know what was going on. you felt like a friend was telling you about the game.  Thank you Pat Summerall for the memories and R. I. P.   – Phillip  from Galt 

Pat Summerall as a kicker NFL player

Pat Summerall as a NFL player / kicker during his playing days

Pat Summerall and John Madden former Raiders head coach fox broadcaster

John Madden and Pat Summerall in their broadcasting day at FOX sports  Pat Summerall holding the Lombardi Trophy 

below is a video to remember Pat summerall  . enjoy

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