Boston Marathon bombing . Thoughts and prayers to you and your loved ones .

April 17, 2013

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The boston Marathon 2013 is a day that Bostonians hold dearly in their hearts.  The boston Marathon is suppose to be a celebration in the city . It’s called Patriots day.  Its a very festive atmosphere people from all over the world come to compete and run and  their families sometimes come along with them and cheer them on   when  they are running the Marathon. this is one of the biggest Marathons you have a qualify to compete and participate in it. 

on Monday April 15, 2013 the boston Marathon was anything but festive and a celebration. it turned in to a day of tragedy.  When to explosions went off one after the other.  we  know now that the  explosions were from duffel bags set on the side walk with bombs made with pressure cookers and it had nails and other medal to cause harm.

the bomb killed 3 innocent lives and injured more than 22 people. some of them ended up loosing limbs.  among the dead was  8 year old Martin Richard who was awaiting his parent who was running the marathon and died when he was close to where the bombs went off.

i just wanted  to let boston know we are praying for them and  we love them and thinking of them  !   and Boston will be back stronger that ever and that The Boston Marathon will be back and we can honor the victims with the Race when its held in their memory.   and I think we will catch the people or person responsible for this terrorism act.   -  Phillip from Galt 


8 year old Martin . R.I. P. sweet angel in heaven  one of  the victims that died from the bombing at the Boston Marathon was Martin


Marathon runners running

Military group ran marathon 26 2 mile full fatigues boston Maathon

Group of  Military  one of the first groups to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon , they did the  marathon in full fatigues !  and later they were helping removing berricades to help those injured by the bomb.

praying hands
We are praying for you Boston. God bless you

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