Best Tag Team Champions WWE/ WWF Pro Wrestling

April 10, 2013

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so I was thinking  about the Best tag team of all time. Because I like the current tag team champion in WWE Kane and Daniel Bryan. Team Hello No.  !   both are former world  champions and they are funny when they argue about who is tag team champion, but when Kane and Daniel Bryan take on opponetts in the ring they  are on the same page and have each others back !!  the both are great wrestlers Kane has the most experience and  is one bad dude. I am a fan I diffinetlly put them in the top  tag teams of all time

here are the others team I think are the best

1. ) The Hart Foundation

Bret the hitman Hart and Jim Anvil Neidhart. Bret was so technical and knows all the wrestling moves and is  the best there  is the best there was  and beat that there ever will be  Jim Anvil NeidHart  is the power behind the team very Physical  and  can put a hurt on people !  Owen Hart Bret’s Brother   was intercontinental champion and had so much qucikness and speed and  could  Wrestle with some of the best of them.!    Owen was one of  the best too  and knew moves similar to his Brother  Bret and could do the shap shooter to like Bret  so I put the Hart foundation as a great tag team !

Hart foundation WWF champions jim avil neidhart tag team champion owen Hart intercontenintal champion Bret Hitman Har WWF champion  British Bull dog European champ

2.Another team that I think is the best  of all time too  is  Shawn Michaels and Triple H . DX.  they are both friends and both are WWE champions and world heavyweight champions they are 2  of the biggest stars ever in Wrestling too  and   I like Shawn Michales Sweet chin music super kick and Triple H’s  Pedigree move

Triiple H and Shawn Michaels DX tag team champions

Shawn Michael Triple H DX one of the best tag teams

3. I put kane and  Daniel Bryan as one of the best tag team champions, they are funny when they argue who is the tag team champion !  the have each others back and Kane can choke slam people to hell and Danile Bryan has the No lock . Team hell No has been  tag team champions and a  while and I think they  have been successful together because they have each others back even though they argue they are funny and they are both great  Wrestling champions ! they are winners !

Kane and Daniel Bryan WWE tag team champion 2012

Kane and Danie Bryan tag team champions ! Team Hell no ! 

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