Town in Ireland called Kilgarvan legalizes drinking and driving ! What !

March 28, 2013

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So in Ireland the town of  Kilgarvan decided to legalized drinking and driving !  What ! okay okay !  let me tell you there is a catch . The measure was proposed by pub owner/politician Danny Healy-Rae  .

The catch is you can drink and drive as long as its just a few beers and you are at your nearest local pub and you can only drive home !! so there you have it. 

My opinion is I think this could be okay in Ireland, the people their enjoy their pubs and like to have a pint, that is what having a beer is called having a pint with your friend !  Just the only concern I have is will people abuse it. for example if they have a Wal Mart and  they stop by at a store and say I was on my way home !! that’s where it can propose a problem  !!

 as long as the people are following the law of drinking have a 1 or 2 beers and they go home right away and they live  a few blocks away I guess it could be okay. but if I was in this town and I drove I would be very careful and  look out for the next  driver beside me.  !

so  drink  responsible and I guess enjoy your pints !!  from Phillip from Galt  !

pint of beer

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