Remembering WCW Wrestling Throw-back Thursday Post from Phillip from Galt

March 28, 2013

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So March 26 , 2001  was a Monday. and as a Pro wrestling and big time wrestling fan this is a day in history ! This was the final WCW Monday Night  Nitro  !  Now as Wrestling fans in the  mid to late 90’s was a great time ! We had the WWE World Wrestling Entertainment formerly  WWF  World  Wrestling Federation an we had  WCW World Championship Wrestling !!  WCW was onwed by Ted Turner and was on TNT Monday nights a Monday  Night Nitro and this was also WWE’s  Wrestling show still going Strong !! WWE  Monday night Raw. so  as wrestling fan we would get to watch to big time Wrestling Organizations and see all our favorite  Wrestlers matches and more . ! they called this the  Monday Night Wrestling Wars !   I would  switch back and fourth between RAW and Nitro.

So I was thinking of my favorite Wrestlers and WCW  moments  in honor of 12 years since WCW Nitro and Wrestling has been gone 

Sting WCW Champion

I always liked Sting. I liked when he has his face paint on and he appreciates the fans and gives them high  fives !!   I like his scorpion death lock which is like a sharp shooter move too.    I am a big Sting Fan !

Rey Mysterio WCW champion

Rey Mysterio from the 619 San Diego  made a big name for himself in the WCW.  he was in ECW Wrestling and moved on to  WCW , he got more national exposure.  Wrestling fans were amzaed by his  wrestling moves, he helped make Lucha libre style wrestling here popular.  wrestling fan were amazed by his  high flying high risk moves !!   Rey Mysterio was great Wrestler in WCW  and became one of the best of all time  and has been champion in WWE   !!  it has been great following Rey Mysterio early in WCW and now in WWE 

Bill Goldberg WCW Champion

one of my favorite Wrestlers Bill Goldberg . Bill Goldberg is the man in WCW and Wrestling. he is so strong and used to over power guys with his strength. I remember he used to spear guys and  used to slam them  hard and his jack -hammer power slam  suplex.  he would hold of the wrestlers in the air because he was so stong  and his entrance was awesome coming through the fireworks .   Bill Goldberg one of Wrestling’s and WCW’s  best !!

jack hammer wrestling

Bill Goldberg doing the  Jack hammer move to the Giant in WCW !!

Kevin Greene former NFL linebacker WCW Wrestling

I like When WCW used to  bring celebrities in  for wrestling  I like when they brought Kevin Greene NFL  linebacker for the Rams , steelers and  Carolina Panthers !   Kevin Green was a great linebacker and had lots of tackles and sacks and was so intense  and he was also intense in Wrestling ring in WCW. he did the sleeper move  he tackled some of the Wrestlers he was Wrestling and he is just as big a Wrestlers too since he is Pro linebacker , he would ofter team up with  Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper and  Ric Flair  to take on the NWO  !!

HollyWood Hulk hogan WCW champion NWO

Nwo WCW wrestling logo

I always like the NWO and HollyWood  Hulk Hogan he was my favorite .  Hulk Hogan was the classic good  guy , the training the  vitamins and the prayers he always told his  Hulkamanicas he dressed in the  Red and Yellow and then  he switched to balck and white and was the anti good guy ! he was the leader of the group called the NWO  and him and his group would cheat and do all the dirty tricks far from  what used to tell the fans and his Hulkamaniacs  that looked up to him .  and  I  still always like Hulk Hogan  as Hollywood Hulk Hogan, I always wanted to see what he was gonna do next  !!  

Well that’s my throwback Thusday blog. 
I hope The WWE and Vince McMahon  can bring a  WCW  event again maybe a house show and  have A WCW reunion !!    This  is Phillip from Galt remembering the WCW !! 

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