Way-Back Wednesday. today would have been Mr. Rogers 85 th Birthday ! March 20 Happy Birthday Mr. Rogers

March 20, 2013

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so I am starting a way back  Wednesday all your favorite thing from way back .  to bring back memories !  when I was a kid growing up I loved watching Mr. Rogers. he was so nice.  he taugh us its okay and we are all different and we are unique and  wanted us to be loved. Mr. Rogers told us our parents love us. Mr. Rogers taught us how to take care of our pets. he always fed his fish  on tv ! he had lots of fish in his fish tanks and fed them.  He showed us  fun stuff . Mr. Mcfeely was Mr. Speedy Deilvery and  he used to bring Mr. Rogers deliveries . Mr  Rogers used to rent  films on how to make things.  and he would explain the process for example he  palyed videos on how to make shoes and showed us the shoe factory on his screen called  Picture , Picture !    Mr Rogers encouraged us to have an imagination .  So Happy Birthday Mr. Fred Rogers. God bless you in heaven !

Won’t you be my Neighbor ! Mr. Rogers would sing this songs as he welcomed us  to his show  ! We  were his Television  Neighbors !

Mr Rogers