Way - Back Wednesday favorite WrestleMania Moment from Phillip from Galt

March 20, 2013

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So April  7 2013 Sunday is every WWE fans favorite time WrestleMania 29 ! this is the Super Bowl of  Wrestling  and WWE  !!   so I was thinking about one of my favorite WresteMania moments !   One of my favorite matches / moments was at WrestleMania 9  . It was the main event Yokozuna with   Mr. Fuji   in his corner challenging the WWF champion at that time Bret the Hitman  Hart  !   Bret Hitman Hart  had Yokozuna locked in the Sharp-shooter and Yokozuna wasready to tap out but when the referee was seeing if Yokozuan wanted to tap out  Mr. Fuji threw salt in the eye of Bret Hart causing Bret hitman Hart to go blind for a moment long enough for Yokozuna to defeat Bret hitman Hart for the WWF title.  This did not sit well With Hulk Hogan he tried to explain to the referee what happened and   Hulk went to check on  Bret Hitman Hart. While  Hulk Hogan was checking on Bret the Hitman  Hart. Mr. Fuji  challenged Hulk Hogan on behalf of Yokozuna and said he would his new WWF Championship on the line. When Hulk Hogan was hesitant at first  Bret Hart told Hulk Hogan to wrestle Yokozuna so  Hulk accpeted the Challege right away Yokozuna grabbed Hulk Hogan and held Hulk Hogan’s arms to  trap him so  Mr. Fuji could try the same trick and thow salt in Hulk Hogan’s eyes too. But Hulk got loose and out of Yokozuna’s grip ! and Mr. Fuji hit Yokozuna in his eyes with the salt this let  Hulk Hogan get the advatage Hogan Slammed the massive Yokozuna and  Hit the leg drop   and became the New WWF champion. this is one of my favorite  WrestleMania moments !!

wrestlestleMania 9 Hulk hogan improut match pic 1

WrestleMania 09  Hulk Hogan Vs Yokozuna 01

 WM9 hogan wins

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