Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis . elected Pope March 13, 2013 Wednesday .

March 13, 2013

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Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio becomes  Pope Francis .  Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio now  Pope Francis has been in Argentina his whole career as  priest , bishop and  Cardinal.  He is the first  Pope from South America .  When he was elected Pope he waived and greeted the people form  the balcony at Vatican City . he said prayer for  Pope Benedict XVI  he gave the people at Vatican City  and people watching on tv and listening on radio his first blessing as  pope , he asked for prayers as he gides the church now.

Pope Francis is the name he choose.    Francis is from Saint Francis of  Assisi . Saint  Francis of Assisi is a Saint  that is associated with Animals because his great love for animals of all kinds.  Congratulations to the New Pope as he guides the  Church  !! Thanks be to  God    – from Phillip from Galt  !

cardinal Jorge Bergoglio becomes new Pope March 13 2013 Wednesday Pope Francis

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