Alex Smith getting traded rumors to the Chiefs

February 27, 2013

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So it looks like Alex Smith’s run with the 49ers is over.  The trade rumor is he will be going to the Kansas City chiefs. I am a 49ers fan and I think  Alex Smith has been  a great player with his time with the 49ers . he  brought energy during his time with the 49ers.  he persevered over many challenges during his time with the 49ers when he had  different offensive  coordinators and had to make adjustments .   I am happy for Alex Smith he gets to be a starter  he will have Kansas City Chiefs new head coach Andy  Reid and they will work together to get the  Chiefs turned around.  on the 49ers side we get  draft picks that could help us build for the future.  with Alex Smith going to the Kansas City Chiefs this makes him the  4th former 49ers quarterback to play for the Chiefs.  the other quarterbacks were  Steve Bono , Joe Montana and Elvis Grbac.  thank you to my friend and co worker JayMarzz for telling me that bit of information .

Alex Smith 49ers 1 

alex Smith pic 2 49ers

49ers quarterback Alex smith for the 49ers on the sidelines during the 2013 super bowl in New Orleans