The new WWE Wrestling Championship belt February 2013

February 20, 2013

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so  The Rock  is the WWE Champion he beat CM Punk at  the  royal rumble and gave him the  Rock Botton  !  and the Rock beat CM Punk in a rematch for the WWE belt this past  Sunday February  17, 2013 at the Elimination Chamber. CM Punk  tried to cheat and hit the Rock with  the belt but the Rock gave CM punk a rock bottom and won  and the people’s elbow too

The next night on WWE Monday night Raw  President’s Day edition of Raw February 18, 2013  The Rock decided its time for a change.  8 years ago when John Cena  became the WWE  champion made the blet  spin and it became known as the spinner belt !  The  spinner belt has the WWE logo and the WWE logo spins !! it is shiny and gold and has diamonds !!  it has been around for 8 years !!   the spinner belt said WWE  Champ ! Because John Cena siad the Champ is here !

john Cena WWE Champion

John Cena as the WWE champion

wwe championship

the belt John Cena introduced as the WWE championship belt has been around for  8 years !  it has the WWE  logo and the logo spins and its says Champ  !! and its very  shinny . 

The Rock’s new  WWE  belt he introduced on Monday February 18 2013  does not spin the WWE logo is in diamonds and is more of a classic blet  is  say WWE Champion not  Champ anymore .  The Rock says  Wrestling  Champions such as  Hulk Hogan , Stone Cold  Steve Austin would be proud to wear the  new WWE belt.  

the Rock WWE Champion 2013

The Rock as  the WWE Champion with his new WWE Championship belt !  very clsssic yet very modern for today  !!   it still stands out and is fancy but  it is classic  . the belt does not spin !

new WWE champion belt

The New  WWE Championship belt  introduced by the Rock on WWE Monday night Raw , President’s Day edition February  18, 2013.  it has facncy diamonds  and the  WWE logo is in diamonds the new  belt  say WWE Champion . i think think is   great new WWE championship  belt.

enjoy your WWE Wrestling everybody  .  enjoy the  body slams ,and  clothes-lines too  from Phillip from Galt  ! WWE Wrestling fan !

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