Olympic Wrestling . Don't Cancel it

February 20, 2013

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So it was announced the Olympic committee will Cancel olympic Wrestling in the 2020 summer Olympics.  But  Olympic Wresling is not going down with-out a fight . Which is not a supries.  Canceling Wrestling in the Olympics would be CRAZY !!   Wrestlers are the best athletes. it takes discipline they are the most conditioned athletes  .  they train , run, lift wights excersics like crazy. A Wrestler  is  a tough person and a wrestling match in the Olmpics is great lots of action,  they slam each other and counter moves . they take down each other and have to wrestle on the mat and Wrestling is  a demanding hard fought sport and it would be a terrible decision to Cancel  Wrestling Olympics and not see these tremendous athletes compete . So Don’t  Cancel Olympic Wrestling.   Olympic Wrestling is one of the oldest and original Olympic sports , and in a wrestling match you can see slams and wrestling moves like a take down and when they are on the mat they can submit  their opponett . 

Olympic Wrestling

Wrestlers in the Olympic freestyle Wrestling  !  a Wrestling slam  !

Kurt Angle Olympic Wrestling

Kurt Angle one of the Pro Wrestling  Super Stars has been  a WWE Wrestling Champion and TNA Wrestling heavywieght champion got his start  in Olympic Wrestling and competed in Olympics Wrestling in the 1996 Olympic  summer games.  Kurt Angle hurt his neck and had a broken neck and Wrestled in the Olympics with a broken neck  .    Kurt Angle won gold medal for the USA in the Olympics and has been proud of the  fact he represented his country and Wrestled  and won the gold medal and has built  a great career in Pro Wrestling as well he  has been a top star and a  Wrestling Champion  in two different Wrestling  Organization The WWE and TNA Wrestling !

kurt angle jeff hardy ankle lock

Kurt Angle in TNA Wrestling  applying his famous  ankle lock in a match against Jeff Hardy.

with out  Olympic Wrestling we wouldn’t have future stars  and  big stars like Kurt Angle  and that would be messed up   . Don’t Cancel Wrestling  in the Olympics  -  from Phillip from Galt !

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