Pope Benedict XVI to resign at the end of the Month February 2013

February 13, 2013

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Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation as the Pope. Pope Benedict XVI has been the Pope since  2005 .  being elected Pope after the passing of  Pope John Paul II.  The resason Pope Benedict has to resign is because his  health is failing and he does not feel he can be a goold leader of the Catholic church with his  health. so he is stepping down  at the end of February 2013.    This is the first time in 600 years a Pope has had to resign while being a Pope  .   

I just wanted to say Pope Benedict you are an inspiration and positive in your ways and show us how to follow Christ. Pope  Benedict has reached out to a lot of people while being the Pope.  He joined Twitter . and tweeted out  bible verses and  inspirational  tweet to inspire people to love and follow Christ.    thank you Pope Benedict XVI for being a good  Pope  while you served  God and the Church.  I hope your health will get better. from Phillip from Galt 

pope benedict XVi

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