San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens Super bowl 2013 Super Bowl 47 Super Bowl XLVII

January 23, 2013

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 San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will match up in the Super Bowl February 3, 2013.   This is the  first time two Brothers are facing each other in a Super Bowl as head Coaches. Jim Harbaugh head-coach of the  San Francisco 49ers  Jim is a former NFL quarterback with the Bears, Colts, and Chargers  and  his Brother John Harbaugh head-coach of the AFC champion Ravens.

this super Bowl is gonna be excting hard fought . there are a lot of story lines. Besides The Harbaugh brothers.  Baltimore Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis will be retiring after the Super Bowl .  He came back from injury  this year from a torn tricept and is back playing in the playoffs and back in the super Bowl since the 2000 Super Bowl when the Ravens beat tbhe New York Giants.   he has been the heart and soul of the Ravens defense and a great player.making pro bowls and great tackles and plays through out his career and after the super bowl his  career will be over .

on the 49ers side.   Colin Kaepernick will be lead the 49ers in to the Super Bowl.  coming in this year as  a starter  after former 49ers Starting quarterback Alex Smith suffered a concussion.  Colin has played with   poise and  came in  with a  lot of pressure because the 49ers  were in the NFC Championship last year and the 49ers were expected to make it back by fans  by the team and coaches back to the NFC championship game can Colin came in and lead the 49ers back the NFC championship and helped  the 49ers get the victory against the Falcons and move on to the super Bowl. 

Rand Moss  has been one of the best  wide recievers putting up great recieving numbers thouchdowns and  has been a pro bowler and  has been to he Super Bowl playing  with the Patriots. Randy  Moss is returning to the Super Bowl  and could win his  first Super Bowl ring capping off a great career  with  a championship would be huge.

so get ready go  49ers !!   we will have  a good time watching the 49ers  in the Super Bowl !!

49ers Baltimore Super Bowl 47 2013 February 3 2013