John Cena WWE Mega Superstar to be on Fruity Pebbles cereal Box

January 9, 2013

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John Cena Mega WWE  superstar  12 time WWE champion  will be partnering up with Post Cereal Brands.  and will be on Fruity Pebbles cereal boxes for a limited time.  be on  the look out. !!  I am a big  WWE fan so I will be on the look out at my local store !!   John Cena being on the Cereal box  came about last year when he was in a WWE Wrestling feud with  another Mega WWE Superstar  Dwayne Johnson  – The Rock.  John Cena and  the Rock met and wrestled Each other at WrestleMania 28 2012  !! leading up to their match  each Wrestler would  try to One Up the other  !  John Cena would say thea The Rock only comes back  once or twice a year or make fun of the Rock for not appearing at WWE events live  and being recorded on the Titan Tron !! and John Cena made fun of the Rock for playing a tooth fairy in one of the Rock’s  movies he starred in !   The Rock responded  another  week and made mention to the t shirts john Cena wears  to the ring in the WWE  . John Cean is known to wear t shirts that say his trade mark  slogan  Hustle, Loyalty , Respect ,   he also wore a shirt that says Rise Above Hate , when  the fans boo him. He also wears  shirt that says Never give up !! He  wears diffrent colors and swithces his t shirt colors every few  months.  Red, Orange Purple !! The Rock made referenc to this in his Promo telling John Cena he looks like a Ginat  fruity Pebble wearing  his diffrent colors !!   so instead of  taking as an insult john Cena is now taking advantage and embraced it and will now  be appearing on  The Cereal Box.  !! this is Awesome I am a John Cena WWE fan  and i will diffinetly  be on the look out fo this at the store when they get the cereal box in !!  from Phillip from Galt 

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