Sacramento Sports Hall of Fame !! 1st ever ! February 2 2013 Saturday Thunder Valley

December 12, 2012

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Sacramento Sports Hall of fame 1st ever is coming up soon  February  2 2013 Saturday to the  ThunderValley Casino.  go to   and you can vote for your top 5  favorite athletes.  the Sacramento sports Hall of fame honors athletes from Sacramento that went to school here  that went on to achieve success at another higher level of sports such as Olympians and  Professional athletes !!   you can also  buy tickets to the event at the website listed above. Check it out this is gonna be a great sports event for  sports fans to see and hear from their favorite sports ahtletes . check it out !! from Phillip from Galt

a couple athletes that I like are former San Francisco Giants manager and current Reds Manager he lead the Giants to a world series appearance in 2002 and has a winning record as a manager !!   Dusty Baker 

Dusty Baker baseball manager reds

Dusty Baker current Reds manager former San Francsico  Manager

antother ahtlete that  stood out to me former Lineback  with the New England Patriots.   Tedy Bruschi.   3  time super Bowl winner with the Patriots !!   and helped the Patriots become a  dynasty . was a force on the patriots and key memember of the defense . Tedy is from Roseville , CA

Tedy Bruschi

Tedy Bruschi lineback and super bowl champion with the Patriots !

sac sports hof

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