Prettiest /cutest best Cheerleaders in the NFL from Phillip from Galt

November 30, 2012

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so  it’s football season and I like the football  and watching touchdown , tackles offense and deffense  the best cathces amazing plays and more !  I also like the NFL cheerleaders, they are pretty , they get fans pumped up  they are hero too and athletes and I respect and admire these pretty cheerleaders

so here is in my opinion the pretties and cutest cheerleaders squads in the NFL !!!!  from Phillip from Galtdallas cowboys cheerleaders

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders   # 1 prettiest cheerleaders

Raideretts #2 prettiest cheerleadRaiderettsers

Raideretts 2 

49ers cheerleaders goldrush girls

49ers  Gold Rush girls 

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