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November 14, 2012

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So The General Petreaus Scandal is crazy.  First he resigned from head of  CIA. He had an affair and then his  mistress was e-mailing another woman she saw as  a romantic rival  and said  stay away from the general .    So now we have this big mess and allegedly Petreaus was telling his mistress about the attack that happened on September 11 of 2012 in Libya and telling her other information about classified government information. so now we have this Scandal supposedly President Obama wasn’t aware of this until after the election and  the FBI was investigating it before the election. 


General Petreaus  former head of  CIA

so I was thinking of some other infamous  celeb and famous Scandals and here is what I came up with . what do you think ?

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski

The Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski  Scandal ,  Then President Bill Clinton was fooling around with White house intern Monica Lewinski and having hanky panky in the Oval Office  and Slick Billy Willy was even gonna get impeached for not telling all the truth about this situation  to congress .

OJ Simpson

football star  OJ Simpson in the 90’s  had a slow speed chase in the white bronco after he was wanted for the murder of his  ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her boy friend  Ron Goldman. OJ went to trial for the murders and was found innocent in the criminal trial  and  was eventually found guilty and liable for the  murders and  owed the Goldman family for killing their son .

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson  was accused of child molestation and sleeping with youngsters  and having sleep overs having children stay in his bed.   The King of pop said who’s bad ?  maybe he was being bad. eventually he paid the accuser and family $$  to settle with them .

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was in a affair scandal and had several diffrent  mistresses . there was scuffle between his ex  wife and him.  his ex wife swung at Tiger with golf clubs there was text messages and  voice mails from Tiger left to his mistresses . Tiger got himself in to Hot water with this one

so this is some scandals you may have remembered ! 

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