WWE Hell in a Cell PAy Per View This sunday October 28 2012 Phillip from Galt's predictions

October 24, 2012

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so Hell in the Cell WWE Pay Per View is coming up this Sunday October  24 2012   and since I am one of the biggest WWE fans ever I am gonna give my Hell in the Cell  predictions we have  a WWE match with Current  WWE champion  CM Punk vs  un- defeated  Ryback.   I think Ryback is gonna win  and  win big CM Punk will pull out all the tricks but in the end  I think it will Be Ryback and he will hit the shell shock on CM Punk and become new champion !

WWe ryback 2012

another match I am looking forward to is  WWE tag team champions team Hell No  Kane and Daniel Bryan vs  Cody Rodes and Damien Sandow  Rodes Scholars  !  I think Team Hell No Kane and Daniel Bryan will have each others back  and retain their tag  team champion belts they fight and dis-agree  but I think they will pull it out for the sake of the team and Kane will choke-slam somebody to Hell at Hell in the Cell

Kane and Daniel Bryan tag team champions October 2012

and  my final prediction is  I think Sheamus  will keep his World Heavy-Weight championship title and  be in one heck of a battle with  the Big Show  and will  hit the Brouge kick on Big show and after the match Big show will  knock  out punch Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler win come to the ring and cash in money in the bank and  will win the championship !

Sheamus WWE champion and world heavyweight champion

WWE dolph Ziggler money in the bank

This is Phillip from Galt with your WWE wrestling hell in a cell predictions  if you watch the pay perview enjoy all the WWE wrestling action from WWE Wrestling fan Phillip from Galt

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