NFL week 8 picks Phillip from Galt picks !! October 24, 2012

October 24, 2012

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so here is my NFL picks , no spreads  just predictions for  the winner of the  games  and 1 College  game check it out from Phillip from Galt enjoy all the sports this weekend

Sunday games October 28 2012

Dophins at Jets     – Jets

San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns – Chargers

Colts at Titans  – Titans 

Patriots at Rams – Patriots

Falcons at Eagles – Eagles

Seahawks at Lions – Seahawks

Raiders at Chiefs – Raiders

Saints at Broncos  – Broncos

 Monday night Football game  October 29 2012

49ers  at Cardinals -  49ers

Saturday  October 27 2012 College Football  

Notre Dame fighting Irish  at  Oaklahoma  Sooners -   Notre Dame Fighting Irish

and  my prediction for game 1   for the world  Series  game 1 tonight   Wednesday October 24 2012

Detroit Tigers  vs San Francisco Giants    – Giants  take game 1

Oakland Raiders Logo 1

San Francisco 49ers

Notre Dame fighting Irish

Notre Dame fighting Irish

San Francisco Giants Logo Orange Big

my upset pick of the week Eagles  over  Falcons


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