WWE Monday night Raw recap from Monday Night Raw from this past Monday October 8 2012 from Phillip from Galt

October 10, 2012

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WWE Raw recap from October 8 2012 Monday At Arco Arena Sacramento , CA from Phillip from Galt by Phillipfromgalt

 some of the WWE stars like Dolph Ziggler  on the right were there in Sacramento

Kofi Kingston Evan Bourne Jack Sawgger and Dolph Ziggler WWE

WWE Monday Night Raw October 8 2012 arco arena Sacramento Brodus Clay

 Brodus Clay getting down dancing in Sacramento

WWE Monday Night Raw October 8 2012 arco arena vince McMahon Sacramento

 WWE owner and the Chairman of the board Vince was here too in Sacramento

me Phillip from Galt and fan dressed up as the Macho Man Randy Savage for WWe Monday Night Raw Sacramento arco arena October 8 2012

 me Phillip from Galt with a fan dressed as the Macho man Randy Savage   AT WWE Raw October 8 2012

me Phillip from Galt with WWE fans dressed as WWE legends for Monday Night Raw October 8 2012 Sacramento arco arena

 me Phillip from Galt with  WWE fans dressed as  the WWE legends  at WWE Monday night  Raw

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