Justin Bieber Throws up on Stage during concert !! Ewwwww !

October 1, 2012

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so apparently  while in concert in Glendale Arizona Justin Bieber wasn’t feeling so well. during his concert  he blew chunks  , barffed , threw – up   what ever way you say it.  that’s what he did.  Poor Justin Bieber.  being sick sucks !!  Go Eat some chicken soup Justin Bieber !!  but after he threw up on Stage  , Ewww ,  that’s  Gross by the way  he finished his concert ! What a tropper !!   

I would hate to be the man  who has to clean  that mess aka  Justin Bieber’s  throw up. next time Biebs , can you wait til after the show to throw up   or bring a paper  bag  on stage and  throw up in there !! well  hope you feel better soon.  keeping you up to date on your entertainment and celebs and  music artists  news  Phillip from Galt – Hot 1035  Sacramento !! 

Justin Bieber Throw up