Thumbs down to MLK Acadamey / Twin Rivers Unified School district

September 30, 2012

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Thumbs down to MLK Acadamey / Twin Rivers Unified School district  ! 

student Alexus Harris a teen who attends the school  reported the school campus supervisor phyically assualted her.  Alexus Harris had her phone out during school hours , apprently it’s not allowed  unless it’s an emergency.  Alexus said she would go to the principal and the campus security guard  pushed her head against a desk  and pushed her against a wall is what Alexus  Harris alleges what happend. the teen also  suffers from cerebal Palsy and has had secizures.  

okay I understand schools can say no cell phone out during class time. but I think students should be able to use  phone on their time break,  lunches , after school !   

reguardless of when she was using her phone and  even though she siad she  was gonna tell the principal, that gives no  right for a campus  security or any other school  employees to touch let alonne assult someone for having a phone out !   Really.   !   was she hurting anyone with her phone out ! No !!

unless a student is harming him-self  or  herself  or others around them and is being a threat then I don’t think any employee of the school , should ever , ever lay hands on a student or anyone else !

The school district is allowing the security gurard back to work ! Alexus says this makes her not want to go back to school. Who can blame her?  would you  like your child go back if that happened .  and the guard could have put her life at risk  if he seriously hurt her.

well I think the scool district should have done   a full investigation and made sure,  100 % the  security guard did not do this to this student and even if he did not do this the district should make sure  that he knows  unless a  student is a harm to themselves or somebody  esle  he can not touch a student or anybody else.    !!

because Schools over step their boundries they don’t have the rights to touch kids or anyone else. shame on them and  if this assult happend  they should arrest this guard and terminate him !! 

they should make sure this did not happen and make sure the student Alexus  feels safe and that they took all the nessacary steps to make sure  a guard would not hurt the students.  shame on you and  thumbs down to Twin Rivers Unified School district

thumbs down col

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