NFL Picks of the week / week 4 for Sunday September 30 2012 Phillip from Galt vs JayMarzz hot 103.5 Sacramento

September 30, 2012

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so it’s me Phillip from Galt with  picks of the week NFL .  I am going against JayMarzz this week !  so we are doing bets for the weeks. each person get a point for the game we pick just winners no points.

so our picks our  

Phillip from Galt’s picks Just Winners of the game

Patriots over the Bill

49ers over The Jets

Seahawks over the Rams

Vikings over the Lions

Chiefs over the Chargers

Raiders over the Broncos

Cowboys over the  Bears

JayMarzz picks








If  I win. this weeks picks  I get to help co host   and emcee a club night with JayMarzz  on a Friday Night. and after the club we go to Del Taco ! Phillip from Galt

if JayMarzz win he hasn’t told me what I have to do this week.  but stay tuned !

enjoy NFL this Sunday from Phillip from Galt   and I hope my picks win !!

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