NFL - No Fun League !! Alex Smith and his San Francsico Giants hat !

September 21, 2012

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 So  Yeah here is the latest  that  proves why NFL  is the No Fun League. !!  they fine  players  too much  $$$$ , they are greedy !! Yes NFL  is greedy. I love NFL football and am a big 49ers fan  also I root for the Raiders too  but NFL  fines players for celebrating, that is not fun, the players just want to have a little fun . They fine players if the violate uniform  rules from wearing diffrent sock and the way you wear them and if they are pulled up . Just the NFL  is very picky !! 

and Alex Simth San Francisco 49ers quarterback who has before wore San Francisco  Giants  hats before to his  post game conference is now being told the next time he dies wear a San Francisco Giants hat he better be prepared to pay a  fine $$ . I think that’s  bunch of BS  !!   I understand reinforcing the unifom code on the field   a little bit.  but after the game should not matter as long as  the player does not have logos with drug  refrences  and as or offensive like   offensive  words like racist words or cussing then  what’ the big deal Alex Smith just wanted to wear a San Francisco Giants hat  which he has done in the past to the post game  interview conference !  after the game is   over is the  players should be able to wear what ever they want  as long as its appropriate, suit tie, t shirt , hat  just like you can    when you are in the streets,  ! the player is fulfilling his obligation by showing up to the press conference why do they have to restrict  what the players wear?   I don’t like that  he was just showing support  for the baseball team in  town !!  the reason is because  the NFL is greedy and they want the players to wear sponsored gear from Nike .

Well NFL is the No fun league. Lighten Up NFL  on your rules !

baseball is more fan friendly and more player friendly  . After hearing this news  Bruce  Bochy San Francisco Giants manager  wore  a 49ers cap when speaking to the media. way to  go Bruce. ! Baseball is more player friendly I  feel and fan friendly  they let  fan bring  noise makers and  flags and even Oakland A’s fans  bring WWE champion belts to the game because Josh Reddick is a big WWE fan and has the championship belt , baseball is way more player and fan friendly  way to go Baseball and Commissioner  Bud Selig

Alex Smith San Francisco Giants

bochy wearing 49ers cap