Get well Jerry The King Lawler WWE legend Hall of famer and Commentator from WWE Monday Night Raw

September 13, 2012

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so I am a big huge WWE Wrestling fan, and I like all the entertainment and Wrestling matches and see who will be champion next.  they have exciting matches and sometimes comdey bits too funny moments ! but there was something serious on WWE Monday Night Raw this past Monday September 10, 2012. it was not part of the entertainment.

WWE hall of famer and legend and broadcaster / Commentator on WWE Monday night Raw Jerry the king lawler suffered a heart attack  while broacasting in the booth on Monday Night Raw.

Jerry the King lawler who competed in a tag team match moments before he had a heart attack. 

Jerry the King lawler who has entertained the wrestling world in and out of the ring has been with WWE since 1993 and still competes from time to time in the ring and mixes it up and holds his own in the ring and has a devastating right punch !

Jerry the King lawler who is in the broadcast booth during WWE Monday Night  Raw telecasts always has great insight for us about wrestling and can explain matches to us the viewers and he loves his WWE Diva matches and jeers back  in fourth with  his co broadcast partner  Michalel Cole on WWE Raw 1

Jerry King lawler and WWE family, wishing you all the best and a full recovery and I hope you get better and hope to see you back on WWE tv  and hear you  in the broadcast booth on RAW when you feel better and recover. thoughts and prayers for you.  

from WWE fan Phillip from Galt !

jerry the king lawler WWE Raw with the Muppets

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