WWE and Scooby doo tag teaming for a movie !!! Yes !!! from Phillip from Galt

August 17, 2012

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So I am a big WWE Wrestling  and I like John Cean Triple h shawn Michaels .  So  I also remember watching Scooby doo and shagy and solving mysteries  and the mystery machine  !  so  WWE  and Scooby doo  are tag teaming to put together a movie.  I am so excited about this !  I think it’s going to be awesome !!   I hope Triple and Shagy and John Cena and Scooby and  find the bad guys and I think they will and  they become tag team champions ! I will keep you updated when  I hear it’s comig out from your friend Phillip  from Galt !!

Scooby doo and WWE movie

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